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Colombia - Caribbean Coast

Location: Colombia

26 Mar 2005, 9:30PM

Finally the machette bought in Guatemala being put to good use

26 Mar 2005, 5:13PM

The difficult task of extracting coconuts

29 Mar 2005, 3:03PM

..and just on the outskirts a local sells his fish

29 Mar 2005, 7:56AM

The beautiful colonial city of Cartegena

29 Mar 2005, 5:41PM

Cartegena by night

29 Mar 2005, 3:06PM

Another colourful bus broken down

30 Mar 2005, 8:11PM

Playing a few tunes on the Caribbean Coast

30 Mar 2005, 9:16AM

Waiting for the bus in the middle of nowhere that never came!

31 Mar 2005, 1:19PM

A local Colombian nino

31 Mar 2005, 7:07AM

Caribbean Coast, picture perfect

1 Apr 2005, 11:09AM

Mud volcano

1 Apr 2005, 10:32AM

Our crazy mud volcano bath