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Colombia - Ecuador

Location: Ecuador

4 Apr 2005, 3:46PM


4 Apr 2005, 1:32PM

Main Plaza - Bogota

10 Apr 2005, 2:44PM

The punt to a small village in Colombia

8 Apr 2005, 11:34AM

Giving our bums a needed rest....the crazy horse is getting a drink

16 Apr 2005, 6:14AM

The mad animal RSPCA here

16 Apr 2005, 8:31AM

Bargaining hard for ¨the rug¨

16 Apr 2005, 8:38AM

Anyone for bacon???

16 Apr 2005, 6:22AM

Very different from the cattle markets back home

17 Apr 2005, 4:03PM

Tension builds in Quito

16 Apr 2005, 6:34AM

A man trying out for the next star wars movie!

20 Apr 2005, 8:58AM

Bringing in more calvary

20 Apr 2005, 8:58AM

Things start to hot up