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Location: Ecuador

21 Apr 2005, 10:34AM

Quilotoa Crater

20 Apr 2005, 5:53PM

Quilotoa, high up in the Ecuadorean Andes with our hosts

18 Apr 2005, 3:11PM

Wilf and Cam on the hike up to Cotopaxi refuge (4800m)

21 Apr 2005, 10:34AM

And again

19 Apr 2005, 9:25AM

Vocan Cotopaxi (2nd highest in Ecuador)

19 Apr 2005, 8:51AM

Cam all rugged up in the rain and cold..Cotopaxi Volcano

22 Apr 2005, 9:52AM

The splendid view on our bike ride to Puyo....And I dont just mean Suz

19 Apr 2005, 9:26AM

The hike down Cotopaxi

17 Apr 2005, 12:21PM

The cheesy "one foot in each hemisphereš photo.