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Bolivia - Lake Titicaca

Location: Bolivia

19 May 2005, 3:29PM

The view from Isla del Sol

19 May 2005, 11:43AM

The view of Lake Titicaca on the walk from Copacabana

19 May 2005, 4:12PM

We saw both sunset and sunrise

19 May 2005, 3:44PM

Camping on the ridge

20 May 2005, 4:22PM

More sunsets

20 May 2005, 9:19AM

More views

21 May 2005, 8:23AM

The family of our new God daughter

20 May 2005, 3:40PM

Our campsite on the lake beach

Notice anything strange in this photo??

The bizzare Bolivian custom of cutting a 2 yr olds hair

23 May 2005, 5:34PM

Cuzco by night (Peru)

21 May 2005, 3:22PM

Copa.. copacabana..