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Peru - Canyon del Colca

Location: Cuzco, Peru

6 Jun 2005, 1:44PM

The beautiful scenery

5 Jun 2005, 2:51PM

Canyon del Colca - you can almost see the bottom

Stirring the local traditional chicha drink for the upcoming fiesta

6 Jun 2005, 1:57PM

A lovely local couple drying their maiz

6 Jun 2005, 5:44PM

This is the kitchen of the home we stayed in

6 Jun 2005, 5:20PM

The local kids who loved their photo being taken

7 Jun 2005, 1:02PM

The stunning colours as we ascend to the pass

9 Jun 2005, 1:20PM

Waiting on the side of the track for the herd of alpacas to pass

7 Jun 2005, 1:22PM

More colours,,

8 Jun 2005, 1:46PM

This is how the local ladies carry everything, including their children

8 Jun 2005, 9:36AM

The homes are not built for tall people!

7 Jun 2005, 1:54PM

View from the pass @ 5100m