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Location: Bolivia

Potosi Mines and Salar de Uyuni

5 Jul 2005, 8:37AM

Ready to go into the mines

29 Jun 2005, 3:57PM

Our magnificent camp site on the Choro Trek, Bolivia

5 Jul 2005, 9:49AM

Sorting through the minerals about 400m below the surface

5 Jul 2005, 9:33AM

One of the miners - they have to move 8 tonnes each day

7 Jul 2005, 12:01PM

The blindingly white salt flats

7 Jul 2005, 9:55AM

Piles of salt on the salt plains

7 Jul 2005, 1:44PM

Oh what a feeling!

7 Jul 2005, 1:30PM

Playing silly buggers!

9 Jul 2005, 4:57AM

The geysers on sunrise

8 Jul 2005, 5:23AM

Well below zero, our driver got us in a bog in our 2x4 drive

9 Jul 2005, 7:45PM

Our feast of baked veges at the end of the trip

9 Jul 2005, 6:02AM

We weren´t too keen to get out of the water as it was -9 degrees outside