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Argentina & Brazil

Location: Brazil

Skiing in Bariloche and partying in Salvador

18 Jul 2005, 8:31AM

Sue looking a little shakey early on in the day

19 Jul 2005, 10:27AM

The great view from the slopes in the Lakes District of Argentina

18 Jul 2005, 12:45PM

Phenomenal views

19 Jul 2005, 9:48AM

Had to get a photo while we were together

30 Jul 2005, 8:35AM

The colourful streets of Salvador in Brazil

24 Jul 2005, 6:43AM

The views from our lodge

1 Aug 2005, 12:28PM

The african-american dance, caporheira (or something like that)

30 Jul 2005, 2:19PM

Sun setting over the plaza

2 Aug 2005, 8:02PM

Bongos and drums..

2 Aug 2005, 7:42PM

The mad weekly street party in Salvador

2 Aug 2005, 8:02PM

..and brilliant dancers