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Sun, Surf and Sand in Brazil

Location: Brazil

6 Aug 2005, 11:55PM

Cocktails on the beach at Morro do Sao Paulo

6 Aug 2005, 11:31PM

Our Brazilian friend Ossias

7 Aug 2005, 11:37AM

The view from our pousada on Morro do Sao Paulo

17 Aug 2005, 12:40PM

A bussling mall in Rio

16 Aug 2005, 7:41AM

The crazy hat seller on Copacobana

8 Aug 2005, 7:45AM

Crystal clear waters on Morro do Sao Paulo

16 Aug 2005, 7:58AM

Ipanema Beach in Rio

8 Aug 2005, 12:02PM

The standard model pose on a perfect island

16 Aug 2005, 12:22PM

The incredible view of Rio from Christ the Redeemer

13 Aug 2005, 6:10PM

Capoeira - the famous Brazilian dance

27 Aug 2005, 11:43AM

...more of Lopez Mendes

23 Aug 2005, 12:31PM

The most beautiful beach in Brazil - Lopez Mendes