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Brazil Pantanal & Falls

Location: Brazil

4 Sep 2005, 7:19AM

Yes its real!

4 Sep 2005, 7:56PM

Catching wild aligators in the middle of the night... was a crazy experience

7 Sep 2005, 12:27PM

The amazing Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil

5 Sep 2005, 2:05PM

The two and a half metre anaconda getting a little friendly

7 Sep 2005, 1:36PM

One of the 275 falls of Iguazu

7 Sep 2005, 1:15PM

The thunderous roar of the falls was deafening (and drenching us)

8 Sep 2005, 8:36AM

Getting absolutely drenched

8 Sep 2005, 8:22AM

More spectacular falls...