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Morocco - Sahara and Fes

Location: Morocco

29 Sep 2005, 7:25AM

Inside the Mosque

28 Sep 2005, 12:57PM

The beautiful Mosque in Casablanca

30 Sep 2005, 8:02AM

Inside a religous temple, non muslims not allowed to enter

30 Sep 2005, 7:13AM

A man drinking from one of the many public fountains in Fes

1 Oct 2005, 3:58PM

Olives, dates and spices in the markets

30 Sep 2005, 8:50AM

The tannery in Fes

3 Oct 2005, 12:59PM

One of the many times we ended up in a carpet shop... this time we only wanted lunch!

3 Oct 2005, 3:49AM

The man on the right wanted us to eat in his restaurant and the one on the left was 'just trying to help' but also happened to get commission from the hotel he was suggesting

3 Oct 2005, 2:40PM

In the dunes of the Sahara near the border of Algeria

3 Oct 2005, 1:44PM

Camels of the Sahara

4 Oct 2005, 6:55AM

The guy on the left won... this is the hotel we ended up staying in.

3 Oct 2005, 2:11PM

The red sand of the Sahara