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England, france and Spain

Location: Europe

Snapped in the winters of Birmingham, Paris and Madrid. The seasons colours were Beeyooteeful !

Stratford, South of Birmingham. looks stable?

4 Nov 2004, 11:16PM

A canal just outside of the strict region of Birmingham, England.

7 Nov 2004, 8:52PM

Lickey Hills, Birmingham.
... lickey

4 Nov 2004, 11:47PM

outskirts of birmingham

10 Nov 2004, 10:17PM

Paris is grand

7 Nov 2004, 8:54PM

Green trees, lickey

12 Nov 2004, 12:35AM

the Arc, Paris

11 Nov 2004, 10:14PM

This is the line for the Notre Dam museum, Paris. (I was nice and warm inside this quiet coffee shop)

24 Nov 2004, 12:31AM

Plaza mayor, Madrid

12 Nov 2004, 1:23AM

11 Nov 2004, 8:44PM


24 Nov 2004, 9:39PM

sun on
seat, Madrid