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The Plant Experiment

Location: Canada

Does water make a plant's leaves unfold??? A question that each of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives. Well people, today we will do the unthinkable and film a plant after being given water. Shocking, I know.. See what happened below.

The plant at 9:30am

9 am

10:30am - Reports say plant is looking healthier, tho no real visible change is evident..

10 am. Don't try this at home.

2.15pm Result!!! The plant has opened it's paws to the world. With just a bit of water. We've made history here today people...

OH MY GOD IS THAT LEAF OPENI.. oh.. no its not. Still nothing at 11am

5pm - Simply amazing. I'd like to thank Nutrish and Super Si for their endless support throughout this project. Without them it would have been impossible. I love you both forever.