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Welcome to my home

Location: Gambia

Well here it is, my first house. Kind of funny that it is in Africa. Who would have thought I would have to come all the way here to get a house. No roommates, no sharing walls, nothing. This is my own compound. The following pictures are of my yard. i don't have a gardener right now so excuse the disarray but it will look neater in the future.

The big tree that you see towards the back of my house is my lime tree, most of them grow over into my landlords property but I still can reach up and take what I need.

This is my little house. I have a cute little patio just outside my front door which is nice cause it keeps the rain out.

This is my orange tree. Now I have to learn how to harvest the fruits!!!

This is the cement pad at the side of the house (good for reggae dance parties in the dry season).

This is just a pretty flowering tree just outside my front door.

These are my banana trees, not sure when to pick those but I have two huge bunches that will probably be ready at the same time. I can see a lot of banana bread in my future.

A close up of a butterfly. The plant puts a smile on my face all the time cause there are soooo many butterflies.

This is a beautiful plant that attracts tons of cool looking butterflies of the same species. There are a lot of different species of butterflies here but only these ones like this plant or else they don't like other butterflies????