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Ghana trip

Okay sorry, not as many photos as there were in Peru but I will try hard to get more. It is just that I never feel like taking my camera out during certain times cause it is never appropriate.

A cow coffin for a child.

One afternoon Rebecca and I went to visit a local coffin maker. Ghana is famous for its crazy coffins that come in all shapes and sizes. They are all made out of wood and many times the coffins represent what the person did in life or sometimes a hobby or something that made them happy. The is a camera coffin. The coffin maker said that this one was to take a while.

This one was amazing, it was a huge truck probably about 9 feet long and about 4 feet tall. It was great and so detailed.

Also a coffin for a small child.

This was the beach just outside or magnificent hotel.

This was a screwdriver that they were working on cause the man who passed was an electrician (why a screwdriver I don't know). That is the coffin makers with my friend Rebecca, I put them in the picture so that you could see the size.

This is a hard picture to see the details in but all down this one street for a long way the trees were covered in fruit bats. You can kind of make them out in the big clumps in the tree.

Some rocks we found to climb on. The beaches in Gambia are nice too but much calmer so it was nice to see a wild sea.

Here was a close up of the clumps of fruit bats. They are quite big and apparently at around 5:00 in the evening the trees come alive and the sky fills with bats. We were never able to see it happen but I imagine it would have been amazing.