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Warning Sheep Death

This is pictures of Tobaski morning and the slaughtering of the sheep at the compound. I wasn't there for it so this was all documented by Mino. Enjoy. I don't think that captions are necessary for most of it.

A market place where you could buy your ram for Tobaski. I guess this year people really jacked up the price of rams and the plan seemed to backfire as many people couldn't afford them and farmers are now left with too many rams. The price of a ram can be around 150 dollars to 300 dollars.

Some free sheeps, I think that these were the females so they are spared.

This was a four horned ram. I thought that this one should be at least half price cause it was defective but I don't think that vendor thought it should be.

Another ram vendor.

This was my dinner that day.