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Tobaski Day

Here are some not so graphic shots from that day. Some of the pictures I did take but most of them were taken by Mino.

This is Mino (light blue) and his brother Kara (darker blue) at the mosque. On Tobaski day the men and boys do not go into the mosques to pray but rather they pray outside of the mosques. This is a typical African pose (they don't smile for photos).

This is me in my traditional African dress that I had made especially for that day. I will show you guys a full length of me as soon as I get a nice one from Dianne as she took a couple good ones. The dress is fairly simple but the bottom kind of flares. Overall it wasn't too bad.

Some of the little boys dressed in their finest. They look really nice as the tradition for Tobaski is that everyone gets a new outfit for the day.

This is the men and the boys coming to the local mosque for prayer.

This was Mino and the feast of sheep that we ate. This was only one part of the meal but it was reallly good. Cous Cous and sheep stew..yumm

This is Mino's grandmother dressed in her new clothes for prayer.