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Banjul, Hunting and Christmas

Location: Gambia

This page is kind of random but I thought you would all like to see some of these pictures. One picture of Christmas dinner and the rest were of a tradition called hunting that they do on boxing day. All the hunting pictures were taken in Banjul "the big city".

This is one of the hunting parties that we followed. It is a guy dressed up in this scary looking costume, a man with a gun and a big group of boys and girls behind them drumming and singing. The creature dances in the street kept in order by the man with the gun and all people that witness it or are around have to pay money to the group.

Mino, Rebecca, Anna and Tracy all eating around the dining room table having a shrimp feast. We had shrimp three different ways it was shrimptastic.

This is a side view of the beast. The guy inside is not only wearing a hundred pounds of fur but he is also dressed in his regular clothes and is sporting a toque as well. Crazy africans.

This wasn't even one of the most ellaborate costumes. Some have been passed down for years and are made up of a whole lion or zebra or antelope. They are crazy looking and kind of scary. This is the front view.

Woman watching the commotion on the street.

Many of the older women just poke their heads out of their compounds to watch the procession go by. I snuck a couple of photos cause I thought that these would make nice shots.

These are some of the ladies and the girls that line the side of the roads to sell oranges and groundnuts. It is also a social gathering place for the girls too as many of them are getting their hair plaited as they sit there.

Some little girls that let me take a picture of them.

Some people chilling over the small bridge walkways.

A shot of the Banjul men. Well known for sitting out on the streets in front of their compounds for hours on end and drinking atia (a strong green tea).

Banjul Mosque from the front.

The big mosque in Banjul.