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B-Day Party (Warning graphic)

So birthdays are sort of a big thing here for the younger Gambians as they usually know when they were born and how old they are. The older ones do not quite know how old they are. Anyways, the wife of the guy that Mino is working for was supposed to have her birthday at a friend's house but the guy backed out at the last minute so my house became the back up plan. Of course like every good Gambian celebration a sheep had to be slaughtered and BBQ'd. I had no problem with the sheep being BBQ'd but I did not want it slaughtered in my compound so it was slaughtered at the lot where they bought it from. Here are some of the photos taken that night.

A close up of the sheep head. It apparently is supposed to be really good but I am not too sure that I will ever have the guts to eat one. This one never got cooked this night but rather ended up in the freezer of my house. At first I thought it was a gift but thank goodness the owner came to pick it up a couple days later. What on earth would I have done with a head.

Ish the guy who Mino works for hacking up pieces of sheep to be BBQ'd. I also took this picture cause the head is to his right watching itself get cut up to be eaten. (I know I have a sick sense of humour).

The charcoal BBQ that the meat was cooking on. I have to admit, I am really enjoying all of the sheep that I have been eating lately.

Some dancing in my living room. The women here dress up for any occassion that they leave the house. Unfortunately I left all of my sequin dresses and ballroom gowns back at home with mom and dad so I was a little underdressed for my own home that night.

Tracy making friends with the sheep head.

Underdressed me enjoying a beer (Tracy and I were the only two at the party who were drinking beer) although a couple of the girls decided that was the night they were going to try to drink vodka and orange it wasn't my vodka and it wasn't my idea. They are grown Muslims. The rest just drink softdrinks.

In Africa it is also typical to have morning guests the day after a BBQ. These two vultures were on my roof early the next morning and actually woke me up cause they made quite a noise. Someone must have tossed bones into my yard cause the only reason that these guys show up is cause there is a dead animal close by.

A couple of the girls sitting in the house before we made everyone sit together. It is crazy but most Gambian parties the men sit in one corner and the women in another so I switched up the rules seeing as they were all in a twobob house.

This was taken from the ground looking up at the vultures on my roof. I am not kidding, when they first land on your roof you think the whole thing is caving in and it makes you jump.