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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

A few little picies of me and the boys celebrating 3 new years up in Scotland..

Dave, Joey and me with our tour guide and another tourist. 12pm and on the rums..

11am at the Walkabout for the NZ new year, a couple under the belt.

Found a stragler, yeah its Jim Jams..

Can you spot Joe, the view in the pub around oz new year, 1pm.

Our welsh princess'.

Happy new year oz! this is the best shot of Joey we got all trip.


The first time Joey pointed out his target for the night..

New years day down at the 3 Sisters, messy.... Some of you may recognise the chick in the white singlet.

Fireworks at the street party, they were pretty spectacular, not as good as mine though of course!

Jake and Dave setting the carpet alight on new years day.

Pretty isnt she..