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Pre London Photos

Location: Mauchline, Scotland

Here are some of the photos of the very beginning of the trip. Singapore, 1st London visit and Muacline up in Scotland

The little get about we purchased to tour London..

Big Dave chowing down on a Chilli crab in Singapore, from memory it cost AUS

Down on the Thames. Present from Egypt when the English helped them in some war. Is good at history me!

Central London somewhere, just thought it was a good shot of me..

Big Joe poseing, again, outside the remains of that castle.

Not sure if you can see it but this was the Earl of Cassilis' Castle in Scotland..

On a tour of some of the local attractions around the town.

The mad Aussies we stayed with in Scotland for the first month or so, Ange and Simon Clarke.

Inside the cave William Wallace used to hide from the English before his capture..

A really big bridge! Meant to be the highest in the world of its kind.

Now that is a naan bread!!

outside the ruins of another castle near the Wallace hide out.