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Xian, China

Location: Xian, China

Xian and the teracotta wariors.

28 Feb 2005, 12:01PM


28 Feb 2005, 10:13AM

My audition for the Teracotta Army, they said they'd let me know. Fingers crossed!

28 Feb 2005, 12:08PM

just out of shot is China's oldest brick wall, ooohhhh!

28 Feb 2005, 12:04PM

And again

28 Feb 2005, 12:53PM

The 'Handsome Warrior' our gide had a bit of a thing for. And the only fully intact warrior found.

28 Feb 2005, 12:24PM

they're Grreeeat

28 Feb 2005, 3:40PM

The emperors tomb, bloody massive thing!

28 Feb 2005, 3:37PM

The view from the top, the black horse mountains in the distance.

3 Mar 2005, 4:45PM

We saw some carvings in the wall and thought they were done when God was a boy. It translated as 1984!

28 Feb 2005, 8:43PM

The South Gate by night

3 Mar 2005, 5:11PM

We rented a bike to peddle 'round. I got a rather fetching pink one, sweet.

3 Mar 2005, 4:46PM

Xian city walls, built 300 yrs ago.