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Beijing, China.

Location: Beijing, China

Here are the pics so far....

9 Mar 2005, 12:03PM

Looking cool, listening to the a guide to the forbidden city as narrated by Roger Moore.

9 Mar 2005, 12:01PM

A lion protecting the Forbidden City. Boy lions have the world under their left claw and girls have a lion cub, so now you know.

9 Mar 2005, 1:18PM

The Forbidden City, seen from Jing Shan park

9 Mar 2005, 12:43PM

The garden in the forbidden city. The emperor saw the rock in south China so had it moved to Beijing, built a pagoda on the to so him and his missus could have a nice place to sit. The old romantic.

10 Mar 2005, 11:28AM

Our way upto the wall

9 Mar 2005, 2:55PM

Mao and Me.

I wanted to knock out a daft pose but thought I'd get lynched!

10 Mar 2005, 11:58AM

A well deserved rest, having a look at the frozen lake in the distance.

10 Mar 2005, 11:52AM

The next bloke to demand 2 yuan!

10 Mar 2005, 12:37PM

The long and winding wall...

That leads...

To a mentalist...

This was the bit we had to climb down, into a valley on the right hand side of the photo.

10 Mar 2005, 12:24PM

Ah, there it is, its a bit difficult to spot!

10 Mar 2005, 1:34PM

The bit of the wall that had crumbled, just before we met mental Chinese woman.

10 Mar 2005, 12:49PM

The climb was that steep you couldnt see where you'd just came from!