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Whistlestop Tour

Right-e-o, heres a few pics to get you up to date and ready for Oz!

14 Mar 2005, 6:04PM

Looking dappa from my nappa to my feet. Getting supplies for my train ride to Shanghai (look at the hat)

14 Mar 2005, 1:25PM

My unsuccesfull attempt to hop Tianaman Sq.

15 Mar 2005, 6:09PM

Bit blurred but you get the jist, Shanghai Peoples Park.

15 Mar 2005, 12:10PM

Shanghai's city planning based on the Jetsons cartoon!

25 Mar 2005, 11:33AM

Capsule hotel, looked a bit like the matrix!

20 Mar 2005, 10:22PM

Me and Team America, out on the shandies in Tokyo.

25 Mar 2005, 11:33AM

inside the capsule, TV in the top left corner (and the pay per view for mucky films) and the entertainment system at the back. What more could you ask for?