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Adelaide to Alice Springs

Location: Adelaide to Alice, Australia

Here are the pics from my 'wayward tour'. A brilliant 3 day tour covering the 1721 km from the blight to the middle.

25 Apr 2005, 4:57PM

My first Kangaroo. It only took a month to see one, but he was worth the wait!

25 Apr 2005, 12:22PM

Whoo hoo, another wayward outpost of the Martindale empire, the Claire Valley.

26 Apr 2005, 9:22AM

Ned (The Flanders) and me!

25 Apr 2005, 5:25PM

Aligator Gorge, lets get out of here and make it snappy! eh...alegator...snappy. Genius!

26 Apr 2005, 11:07AM

G'Day, how ya goin, wat'd know, well strike a light, you'll be 'right etc etc etc

Warm VB, the drink of Champions.

26 Apr 2005, 10:50AM

'You could have a Lionell Blair cut like mine'

'Baaa, Lionell Blair doesnt have an hair cut like yours, baaa'

'He does if he comes in here'

26 Apr 2005, 2:56PM

Dont believe it, there was no sign of a lake, False Marketing at its lowest!

26 Apr 2005, 1:08PM

The Stuart Highway - the most boring road on the planet!

27 Apr 2005, 8:20AM

The thinker sat on the trendiest couch in Coober Pedy.
It was in a cave house we were having a nosy around, 70's porno-tastic but good!

27 Apr 2005, 6:57AM

Oh, you've had sunsets, now its sunrises, Im spoiling you now.

27 Apr 2005, 11:09PM

Party in Alice Springs

27 Apr 2005, 2:49PM

Alex, Sexy Bloke, Claire and Alex on the North/ South divide.