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Location: Adelaide, Australia

Laydees and Gentlemen...Roll up, roll up for the wierd...the wonderfull...the cultural melting pot that is...Adelaide

And before you ask, the t-shirt got washed on the 17th, honest!

16 Apr 2005, 4:26PM

Colin, Julia and me at the end of Glenelg pier. The beard isn't looking bad, ahem!

16 Apr 2005, 4:20PM

The tram we got to Glenelg

18 Apr 2005, 5:02PM


18 Apr 2005, 4:04PM

A couple of local birds.

19 Apr 2005, 10:58AM

The wine tasting gang, Mt. Lofty was our cultural bit before hitting the winery's!

19 Apr 2005, 10:48AM

View from Mt. Lofty, good eh?

19 Apr 2005, 11:49AM

Crocodile Dundee, wherever he is now its a safe bet he's legless!

19 Apr 2005, 11:05AM

Local wildlife - well dressed.

19 Apr 2005, 2:17PM

It would have been rude not to wouldn't it?