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Perth, Freo & the Red Roo

Location: West Coast, Australia

Here are a few pics of my time on the quiet side of Australia

28 Mar 2005, 1:25PM

Freemantle, this was about as busy as it got.

28 Mar 2005, 1:01PM

Me posing with a Jag E-Type, dont know why, things you do in a car museum eh!

31 Mar 2005, 8:17AM

Darren, Llani, Cai and Poppy, my hosts in Perth.

28 Mar 2005, 2:10PM

Freo Beach, on the left is the part of freemantle where immigrants were kicked off the boats.

12 Apr 2005, 8:05PM

...which was spent in a battle of the sexes jigsaw frenzy. We werent doing that well by the looks of the puzzle!

12 Apr 2005, 6:31PM

My leaving night in freemantle...

14 Apr 2005, 12:36PM

The view from the train windows for 2 days. Was quite excited when I saw this pic, there's a tree in the distance!

14 Apr 2005, 12:47AM

some of the others enduring the 42 hour train ride

14 Apr 2005, 1:04PM

Female residents of Cook

14 Apr 2005, 1:01PM

Cook, Population 4!