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Fraiser Is. Australia

Location: Fraiser Island, Australia

Heres the next installment of pics. I know I've left a big old gap but I'll put some pics of my shenanegans in between up soon.

9 Jun 2005, 10:59AM

One of the lakes on Fraiser

9 Jun 2005, 10:57AM

Fraiser Island from the air

9 Jun 2005, 11:14AM

Special Guest Pilot Davey '

9 Jun 2005, 11:07AM

Theres the shipwreck (how good does the sea look by the way)

9 Jun 2005, 11:46AM

Airley Creek, it pumps out 4 million litres of fresh water every day!

9 Jun 2005, 11:31AM

The washed up ship, I think its name was 'Maheno' or something like that anyway. Duing WW2 it was used for target practice for the aussie RAF. 149 (ish) bombs were dropped and it wasnt hit once, atta boys!

9 Jun 2005, 1:57PM

And heres one of the rainforest

9 Jun 2005, 11:53AM

Another shot of the creek

9 Jun 2005, 2:32PM

looks horrible doesnt it, get me back to seal sands asap!

9 Jun 2005, 2:29PM

This is one of the lakes we stopped at, it was quality!