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A night out on the shandy

Location: Bris-Vegas, Australia

The kids go out.

1 Jul 2005, 11:03PM it loverly, then again I was stood on a table!

1 Jul 2005, 5:50PM

Chris, in his outfit for the following nights Australia 'v' France rugby game.

1 Jul 2005, 11:09PM

"Kiss me like you've never kissed any woman before" Fionna, carefull what you wish for!

1 Jul 2005, 11:09PM

The female half of Team India, Suze & Freya.

1 Jul 2005, 11:15PM

Embracing the old enemy. Consoling Chris after London won the Olympics

1 Jul 2005, 11:14PM

Have you ever seen me Dancin', like REALLY Dancin'?

2 Jul 2005, 1:42AM

Nath and Chris, just before the balcony throwing competition began

1 Jul 2005, 11:16PM

the gang strike a pose

2 Jul 2005, 1:43AM

Katie's rudolph impression,
looks like its going to 'rain dear'

eh, you can write that one down and use it at christmas