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gastronomic greatness (?)

Location: Vegas - still, Australia

ohh here you go, i'm going to pitch a new show to the BBC, we've had Floyd on the Fjord, now its time for Dave Downunder

6 Jul 2005, 8:58PM

Oohh, you can almost taste it cant you. It was bloody brilliant!

2 Jul 2005, 1:57AM

mmmmm, aussie meat pies after the pub, winner!

6 Jul 2005, 9:15PM

Freya loved it...

6 Jul 2005, 8:58PM

mmm chocolate perfection.

16 Jul 2005, 12:03PM

resting on the newly aquired 'pleather' sofa. (Chris and I rescued it from the binmen)

6 Jul 2005, 9:15PM

...and so did Chris and Steve. It were great!

18 Jul 2005, 11:33AM

Fancy fodder. Todays breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Everyone in the hostel was wanting a bit, mandarins are the secret ingredient. Mandarins & carrot, they go togeather like lamb and tuna fish...what you are not comfortable with this analogy?

16 Jul 2005, 6:01PM

I've been busy, in between chocolate cake, salad and sushi train I found time to squeeze a bit of art work in. On the left we have my 'schnappy' and on the right is Freyas unfinished duck.

what's a duck do?