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'straylia zoo

Location: Australia

So, here are a few snaps from the home of the croc' hunter

24 Jul 2005, 10:51AM

Kangaroo's bloody wierd things, just proves that god had a sense of humour (and a lot of time on his hands)

24 Jul 2005, 10:27AM

They say I might as well face the truth,
that I am just too long in the tooth...

This big fella was hatched in 1830 (or 50) either way he'd be entitled to a bus pass

24 Jul 2005, 12:21PM


24 Jul 2005, 11:50AM

The second coolest kangaroo in the zoo for its age. The imaginativly named 'Ali the Albino' (by me)

24 Jul 2005, 12:40PM

Chillin' with Joey

24 Jul 2005, 12:34PM

night night then.

24 Jul 2005, 1:29PM

Steve feeding a big croc'

Crikey (sorry)

24 Jul 2005, 1:21PM

Steve Irwin and an elephants bottom.

24 Jul 2005, 2:45PM

high 5'ing after the show