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The Grand Canyon

Location: Grand Canyon, USA

'Mam, are you sure Im a Polar Bear'?
'yes son'
'uh hu, sure'
'100% sure'

...'was dad a polar bear'
'of course he was'
...'and your a polar bear'
...'always have been'?
'of course'

'what about Gran and Grandad, where they PURE polar bears'?
'Look, yes they were pure Polar Bears, as were their parents and they always lived in the north pole. Your dad is a Polar Bear and Im a Polar Bear why are going on and on about it?

'Coz Im bloody freezing'

23 Aug 2005, 12:39AM

I dont know how to describe it, unbelievably spectacular. If I was of the American persuasion I'd say 'totally awesome'

23 Aug 2005, 12:06AM

This weeks competition is 'complete the caption'

The gang get to...?

ohh, its a puzzler!

23 Aug 2005, 2:03AM

dumb and dumber (from your left)

23 Aug 2005, 12:41AM

Zigouire, 'Ooksy and Me in front of a big hole in the ground.

23 Aug 2005, 5:17PM

from an 'neroplane it still looks huge! (allegedly, I wasnt allowed on an aeroplane with 'the adults'

23 Aug 2005, 2:07AM

Paul and Nita.

23 Aug 2005, 6:35PM

Nita, Dodge, Claire and Paul at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Floating on the Colarado river.