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Ilha Grande

Location: Ilha Grande, Brazil

After Floripa, Ray and headed to Ilha Grande, an island 150km south of Rio. A beautiful place where relaxation is the main objective. As a bonus I also scored some fun waves

24 Jan 2006, 5:20PM

The boat ride to Ilha Grande.

24 Jan 2006, 5:17PM

Leaving the mainland by boat, dont forget to stop off at the local petrol station!!

26 Jan 2006, 4:26PM

Our room on Ilha Grande. We stayed with some lady house that we met when we got off the boat. Cheap and a nice homey touch

24 Jan 2006, 5:27PM

Ray and I enjoying the ride

25 Jan 2006, 11:42AM

One of the beaches we passed on our way.......beautiful

25 Jan 2006, 11:17AM

Ray and I hiked to Mendes beach in search for surf. A 2.5hr hike through the rainforest. Some good views!!

25 Jan 2006, 5:02PM

Waiting for the waves

25 Jan 2006, 5:01PM

The surf on Mendes wasnt quality but I still scored some fun waves.......and the water was like a bath!!

25 Jan 2006, 6:14PM


25 Jan 2006, 6:10PM

Walking home at sunset was unreal. Some beautiful beaches.

25 Jan 2006, 8:28PM

A mammoth snail. This thing nearlly attacked me on my way home one night, luckily I was quick to jump out of the way

25 Jan 2006, 7:49PM

After a hard days hiking and surfing there is nothing that kills the hunger like a big bowl of Acai. A Brazillian berry served with granola and honey