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Carnaval 2006

Location: Salvador, Brazil

Carnaval was the craziest party I have ever been to. 2.5 million people in the streets of Salvador just going nuts. We did two Blocos and spent the rest of the time popcorning in the streets

4 Mar 2006, 5:16PM

Me and the boys hanging out on the streets

4 Mar 2006, 5:15PM

Popcorning.....this means hanging out in the streets watching the Blocos go past. One of the crasiest things I have done. This night I got punched in the face 5 times (splitting my lip open) and about every 10mins a waves of kids would go through your pockets........hahahaha good times

27 Feb 2006, 7:05PM

Bloco Number 1: Crocodilio. Joel and I getting ready for the madness

4 Mar 2006, 5:15PM

Some big monster thing. We were feeding the guy inside beer through his little hole!!

4 Mar 2006, 5:15PM

This photo pretty much sums up how crazy it was. So packed with people and so hot. The next day was spend rehidrating for the next bloco!!!

27 Feb 2006, 7:01PM

The boys all dressed up in bloco shirts

4 Mar 2006, 5:15PM

Running the bloco with Macca

4 Mar 2006, 5:15PM

As water was so cheap, I kept buying bottles and spraying them around the crowd........everyone loved it!!

4 Mar 2006, 5:14PM

Me and some Aussie girls

4 Mar 2006, 5:14PM

Bloco number 2: Fat Boy Slim. Me and Macca going crazy!!

4 Mar 2006, 5:14PM

.......good times

4 Mar 2006, 5:14PM

The bloco!!! People, people people!!