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Château Bois-Guilbert et Rouen

Location: near Buchy, France

Have stayed in several châteaux since returning to France and it sure beats a hostel! At Bois-Guilbert (Guilbert Wood if you want to get literal with the translation!) Jean-Marc de Pas and his girlfriend Stéphanie le Sueur manage the extensive gardens, château renovations and Jean-Marc's sculpture exhibitions. They're gradually turning the château and surrounds into a permanent display of Jean-Marc's work. Very impressive.

A sculpture (permanent) and an old washbasin (temporary! because of renovations) greet the morning sun.

Château Bois-Guilbert, which has been in the de Pas family for, ooh only about 400 years!

One of four in the theme of the seasons. This is 'Summer'.

Les Ramasseuses - The Apple Collectors.

We had Inca, Jean-Marc's dog, and Mozart keeping us company for the several days of work. Mozart because it's the 250th anniversary of his birth this year, in fact January 27th, in case you were wondering.

Jean-Marc and I painted the large Salle de Reunion in the gîte (guesthouse) ready for a visit by the control board of the Gîtes de France.

A flying visit to Rouen with Stéphanie one afternoon. Claude Monet loved Rouen cathedral, painting it many times in different weather and from different vantage points in and out of the city.

Me and my roller became very close. 2 coats of paint on the ceiling and walls over 4 days will do that.

La place du Vieux Marché where we find a very tall cross marking the spot where my mate Jeanne d'Arc was burned at the stake. I seem to keep ending up in places significant in the life of young Jeanne. Jean-Marc told me a funny joke, which is a French play-on-words so the humour is actually lost in the translation: What did Jeanne d'Arc say to the English before they lit the fire? Vous ne m'avez pas cru, donc maintenant vous m'aurez bien cuite! Literally: You don't have me raw (cru) so now you'll have me well done! Double meaning: You didn't believe ('cru' is also past participle of croire=to believe) me (when she was put on trial by the English), so now you'll have to burn me.

Rue du Gros Horloge, with accordion busker (how French) in the drizzly rain (again how French, well for this time of year)

And again the cathedral... anyone say Monet!!??

Rouen cathedral again.