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Le Verger 2

Location: France

Work at Le Verger was quite full on. Lots of hand feeding of animals, morning and evening. I worked alongside the workman, Pascal, helping put hay and oats and granulated lucerne in the feeding troughs of the animals.

The lambs were forever escaping from their pen and frolicking on the hay. Pascal and I eventually nailed a few horizontal boards along the vertical ones you can see to prevent them from getting out all the time.

You'll just have to believe me when I say there's an otter or water rat or similar in the water beneath the tree on the other riverbank. Very Wind In The Willows!

Like the paint roller at Bois Guilbert I became very close to this pitchfork.

I'd break up a big round bale of hay from the stack stored above the animals and push it through a hole in the floor to then fork into their troughs.

Oats from the silo behind are ground to make them more digestible for the animals.

Bit difficult to make out but the manure/straw is about a metre deep.

Every couple of months in winter a man arrives wtih his bobcat and cleans out the animal pens.

Once the bobcat bloke puts the manure outside Pascal loads it into the blue trailer...

One of the limousin bulls after his pen was cleaned out... I was tossing fresh straw into his pen and he wouldn't move so ended up with a great pile of hay on top of him.

After the clean out and ready for a fresh bed of straw.

... and then dumps it in one of the paddocks. It'll be spread later in the year as fertiliser.