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Ahhhh Peterborough.....

Marcs home town. We spent a few weeks here before heading onto Chicargo. Theres not much to see but we did it all.....twice!! Peterborough is about 2hrs North/East out of Toronto just for the record.

13 Jun 2005, 3:38PM

....and Zarzoo too!!! I know - the cages are pretty bad but they are bigger than what they look like in the photos!

13 Jun 2005, 3:35PM

Timon the Meercat at the Peterborough Zoo. (Marcs home town of about 75,000 people)

17 Jun 2005, 9:37PM

The CN Tower in Toronto.

13 Jun 2005, 3:58PM

Watch out for the camels....
they spit!!!

17 Jun 2005, 11:33PM

and .... A very batted Marc, and i..... no i didn't do it! (Its a soccor wound) I promise!!!
A great night - the Blue Jays won.

17 Jun 2005, 10:38PM

Catching a game at the Toronto Stadium also known as the Sky Dome.... Go Jays!!!

18 Jun 2005, 9:14PM

.....and again with me!!!

18 Jun 2005, 9:13PM

From left to Right.... Alan (Mandys man), Mandy (Marcs best friend), Marc and Cynthia (Mandys mum).

22 Jun 2005, 6:13PM

Lots of log cabins on a lake known as Stoney Lake. Mark and i spent a loverly summers day having a boat ride and checking out some amazing property.

13 Jun 2005, 4:17PM

Peterborough (also known as PTown) Ottonabee River ...very exciting stuff.

13 Jun 2005, 9:45PM

.....And a not so purfect day on Waynes boat (one of Marcs mates). We were going to go watersking before the weather turned bad - a little too late!!

22 Jun 2005, 6:12PM

A classic Canadian summer day! Just wonderful....i'm such a fan!