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Camping in Wales

Location: Wales

When we first arrived we had a weekend in Wales with some great friends from Canada.....We also lived in York with them for a while - thanks Ben and Jess!

Jess takes a photo of me, wraped up in my sleeping was a little chilly at night.

Our camp sit in Wales and wha a great weekend of weather.....not a cloud in the sky!

and Ben and Jess too!

Marc looking ever so young.

and Marc with our new friend - Max.

Marc playing a few tunes for us around the camp fire.

A gorgeous little town in Wales that we all fell in love with - it really was pretty. We had a meal at the pub and enjoyed a walk and icecream around the town.... (we are on the bridge)

Max - who stayed wit us for the whole weekend.

Thats the pub on the right and the bridge i was on when i took the photo above.

Looking back up the waterway....toward the pub

Marc and Ben waiting patiently for their icecreams!