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Location: Oxford, UK

These are other photos that didnt fit on their original pages and i put these on just to use up my photo limit. When i take more photos ill increase the limit. Dont Stress

Some cool building in oxford

This is 'South Park'. its just at the end of my street and is on a hill, all those buildings are the centre of oxford. This gives you a good idea how close i am to the centre. Its about 10 minute walk from here. It looks a lot nicer on a sunny day.

I ended up at some random peoples house one night. Seriously just started speaking to a guy on the way home and ended up drinking n stuff in their place. This guy couldnt handle it and when he passed out, one of the girls burnt the end of a cork and painted him. Good thing i didnt pass out!

Jennifer and me, outside some place with cool pokey things on top. Note: that hair is freshly washed!!!

hmmmm, no comment

If you look closely you might be able to see a street sign that is MASSIVE. My guess: No glasses in the netherlands so just make huge signs.

Ok, so here is me trying to do the Limbo at the church. not cool

This is just leaving Harwich, England on the ferry. It was veryy foggy, the sun came out once we reached amsterdam.