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Randoms from luca

Location: Oxford, UK

Here are some photos that Luca took.

The jazz club, moi, anthony, jennifer and some english bird

This is a spanish movie, with italian subtitles, thats all i know except some chick liked being naked

I dont think the concentration changed, even without the banging dishes

It aint easy to play playstation while drinking and get bashed on the head with cookware

This was a sun......rise. About 530 one morning... after the quirky spanish film. From lucas kitchen window

The boys preparing for battle

Luca got hooked on Black and white, me. just on the wall

Luca needed a pick me up walking home one night. Hmmm giant red bull

Hmmm, after over 50 pints between about 8, as well as some shots, there was no easy way to make it home.... so we didnt.