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Mexico - part 2

Location: Mexico

29 Sep 2004, 3:36PM

the stunning Iglesia de Santo Domingo

29 Sep 2004, 3:32PM

paved calle in beautiful Oaxaca

30 Sep 2004, 3:15PM

ever town seemed to have an obsession with balloons!!
The zocalo in Oaxaca

30 Sep 2004, 12:46PM

famous mural in the Palicio @ Oaxaca - Benito Juárez is on the top right.

30 Sep 2004, 5:39PM

hey you can't go to Mexico without stumbling across some cactus

30 Sep 2004, 3:17PM

3 Oct 2004, 5:33PM

wondering where all the VW beetles are? in Mexico - taxi in Taxco

2 Oct 2004, 5:09PM

The Santa Prisca Parish, built in 1751 in Taxco

4 Oct 2004, 9:34AM

Cafe con leche @ Cafe Sasha in Taxco
home of many a meal