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coromandel via Auckland

Location: New Zealand

Lake Taharoa to Hahai on Coromandel Peninsula, via Auckland

Never misses an opportunity to spot a bargain.

Lake Taharoa, the third largest freshwater lake in NZ and very beautiful as well

Gannet ripple. The gannets are the white dots.

Surfers on Muriwai beach - all in black but on closer inspection most were old (fit though). B declines to comment. The surfers are the dots in the water!

Jean and Di outside the location of our welcome night indoors

Dead hedgehogs or koalas nesting or so we thought until put right by a local and now can't remember the real name.

The view from tonight's camp site - they are getter better each time.

Did he fall off or not?

Out of sequence but this one's from Hong Kong for Hannah - the photo not the handbag.

Saddo -the sea and beautiful islands are just in front of him if he'd only lift his head from Planet Ranger.