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Manapouri to Doubtful Sound

Location: New Zealand

Lake Manapouri with Southern Alps

Queenstown from top of skyline gondola - reminiscent of the view of Hong Kong from similar heights!

the precarious half boat in the play area

A few of the collection on the campsite - not sure why but I guess collectors would say 'why not?''

J's first attempt at fishing for supper

....not so precarious Sea Finn, our home for 24 hours

where is everyone?

B's short lived success - this rock cod was used as bait to catch blue cod later

small colony of fjordland crested penguins way out near the Tasman Sea not expecting to be seen

one of the many spontaneous waterfalls after the rain

some of the crayfish from one of Chris's pots scuttling in the direction of the cooking pot!

gulls after the remains of the blue cod after filleting