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Akaroa to Christchurch

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

View from a hilltop restaurant. Owner was a Mancunian - served trad British food, unfortunately

6 of hundreds on the way to Akaroa. No-one had told Australia's national bird it was off-course

Christchurch Cathedral

Overlooking the beach at Akaroa. Rare sighting of B writing postcards

Trolley buses. Quaint but the shortest circular route in the world.

Some kind of giant drinking vessel. Poorly designed though as it will leak over our van. On balance though it seemed sensible to park next to something easily recognisable.

Since Christchurch is the mainland base for the Antarctic Survey a lot of space is devoted to points South. Incredible that the first explorers wore canvas jerkins.

Getting in the mood for the South Pacific in Christchurch Museum

Flowers of Christchurch

Captain Scott (the one on the plinth)

Good to see essentials for sale - just in case we'd run out