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Location: Roatan, Honduras

22 Jul 2006, 9:33AM

Dressed up and ready to go to the islands 80's night and Foster Bar and you ask about that.

20 Jul 2006, 3:25AM

The vista of Chez Breezy. Ameila had secured some prime water front real estate for her time on the Island.

21 Jul 2006, 12:37AM

This sloping coral wall is typical of the diving on roatan.

21 Jul 2006, 12:32AM

Blissfully ignoring my intrusion, this green turtle continues to snack on some tasty coral.

23 Jul 2006, 10:47PM

Wreck penetration on the El Alquila. This is one of the more popular dive sites of Coconut divers. We almost made it three times in ten dives, but my objection was enough for them to change it to Spooky Channel at the last minute.

23 Jul 2006, 10:38PM

A diver disappears over the edge of the El Alquila wreck.