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Life with the Portenos

Location: Argentina

24 Jul 2005, 2:23AM

Little fluffy cows...

22 May 2005, 7:22AM

Bustling streets of Lima

31 Jul 2005, 2:36AM

Dry suit diving in Uruguay.

The craziest chicken I have ever seen in my life!

11 Aug 2005, 10:21PM

My TV debue in BsAs. Seconds later a egg was thrown at the presenter .

31 Jul 2005, 4:58AM

Packing up at sunset in Uruguay.

21 Aug 2005, 2:42AM

Egyptian architecture in the southern barrios of BsAs

14 Aug 2005, 3:56AM

Me, my flatmate in BsAs, Zac, with friend at a Saturday Asado

21 Aug 2005, 4:13AM

Basilco of Nueve Pompeya

21 Aug 2005, 3:25AM

Calle Lancun, in Neuve Pompeya BsAs, explodes with colour.

10 Aug 2005, 5:31AM

View from my balcony in Barrio Norte.

21 Aug 2005, 3:25AM

House in Calle Lancun