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Fernando de Noronha - Brazil

Location: Brazil

Supposedly, the best diving in Brazil. It's very expensive and really not worth the bother for the money.

26 Aug 2005, 7:36PM

The briefing...

26 Aug 2005, 7:35PM

One of the dive sites on the island.

Volcanic activity has shaped the walls of Noronha.

One of my favourites - A green moray eel.

28 Aug 2005, 7:02PM

The safety stop...too many divers.

The craziest fish I have ever seen. If anyone knows its name, please let me know.

31 Aug 2005, 3:20AM

After a hard days sun bathing, a sunset and a caipirinha are a must.

Southern Rays in love...

31 Aug 2005, 3:49AM

Sunset at Noronha.

31 Aug 2005, 2:49AM

Noronha has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

31 Aug 2005, 3:02AM

Just in case you didn't believe me before. The most beautiful beaches in Brazil!

Panoramic of Rio. The money shot!