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Arraial de Cabo and Rio

Location: Brazil

The waters cold, the visibility is bad, the depth is shallow, but you can see Seahorses!

2 Oct 2005, 11:36PM

My little pony of the sea!

2 Oct 2005, 9:28PM

Porcupine puffer fish

2 Oct 2005, 11:54PM

A turtle decided to check us out

2 Oct 2005, 11:37PM

The seahorse's of Arraial de Cabo made the two days worth every penny.

18 Oct 2005, 4:35AM

Sunset over Rio

18 Oct 2005, 4:26AM

Cable car at Pao do Acucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain)

18 Oct 2005, 5:23AM

Rio at night - You can see Botafogo and Flamengo, with big JC in the background.

18 Oct 2005, 4:38AM

I haven't been in a photo for a while.

18 Oct 2005, 4:24AM

Rio at sunset

18 Oct 2005, 5:22AM

Bright lights of Rio

18 Oct 2005, 4:05AM

The sun goes down over Corcovado and big JC.