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Digging a Little Deeper in BA

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The following photos were taken in La Boca and Villa 20, which lies on the outskirts of Capital Federal. The Villa are neighbourhoods rarely visited by Portenos or tourists. They highlight the deep divide between extreme wealth and desperate poverty that have come to epitimise BsAs for me. The photos were taken to accompany an article written by my friend James Marrison for the Guardian Newspaper. Please use the below link to read the article in full. countries/story/0,,1667349,00.htm- l

Freelance photographer has now been added to my CV.

21 Nov 2005, 3:52AM

Immigrants used left over ship paint to add a splash of colour to an otherwise dark and harsh life they encountered when the arrived.

21 Nov 2005, 3:39AM

Vibrant colour that charactorises
La Boca

25 Nov 2005, 10:46PM

Cartoneros in Villa 20

21 Nov 2005, 5:18AM

Barrio Barracas has many beautiful old buildings occupying its street corners. Unfortunately, many are now slipping into disrepair.

25 Nov 2005, 10:36PM

Shops and business in the Villa

25 Nov 2005, 10:05PM

A forgetten city dominates the view from the highway. This building is now occupied by the homeless.

25 Nov 2005, 10:59PM

Villa tourism is taking off in BsAs!

25 Nov 2005, 10:45PM

DIY electrics of the Villa

25 Nov 2005, 10:37PM

Caught red handed...this little fella dropped the spray can as soon as I pulled out my camera.

25 Nov 2005, 11:19PM

New arrivals to Villa 20 build small wooden shacks by the side of the road. (The Guardian Shot)

25 Nov 2005, 10:29PM

One of the main streets of the Villa. To me this picture sums up the harsh life that people endure in the Villa.

25 Nov 2005, 10:42PM

It may be classed as a slum, but the residence still take a lot of pride in Villa 20.