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Tribute to the Welsh

I would like to dedicate this page to the valient Welshthat tried so hard to escape the wrath of the English during the rein of Victoria and travelled thousands of miles to Argentina to start a new life. Unfortuantely, their dream was short lived as they arrived in an area more inhospitable than the Welsh Valley's themselves. Here lies the remnance of the first Welsh settlers in Argentina, and they lived in a cave.

28 Nov 2005, 5:19AM

Casa Rosa - Buenos Aires

3 Dec 2005, 9:39AM

My first Boxing Match - Arg vs Columbia.

15 Feb 2006, 7:26PM

My new kitchen in my flat in San Telmo.

8 Feb 2006, 8:37PM

My morning comute to work on the Subte

20 Feb 2006, 2:33AM

Monument again

20 Feb 2006, 2:25AM

The Momument of the Flag in Rosario - the only flag not on show was the Union Jack - Then again there was a large sign near the road that read - "Malvinas por Siempre Argentina"

6 Mar 2006, 4:48AM

Names of the first 160 Welsh settlers in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia.

4 Mar 2006, 12:06AM

Asado on the beach after a great mornings dive on a nearby shipwreck.

6 Mar 2006, 6:22AM

Ladies, I have told you only one photo every three months! It detracts from the seriousnes of my site.

6 Mar 2006, 4:49AM

A monument to the Welsh. The Flag is a mix of the dragon on a blue and white background.

6 Mar 2006, 6:27AM

When times got really tough, santuary was found in the caves where they erected small wooden shelters to protect themselves against the harsh winter.

6 Mar 2006, 6:25AM

Welsh quarantine message.