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Welsh Tribute - Part 2

It is possible to buy a Welsh Tart in Puerto Madryn, so its not excusive to the streets of Cardiff! Boom Boom! Comedy drum role please! I thank you!

6 Mar 2006, 6:24AM

Memorial to the first Welsh casualty who died in Puerto Madryn.

6 Mar 2006, 5:38AM

The view from the Eco Centre over the Golfe Nuevo.

7 Mar 2006, 3:11AM

Puerto Madryn monument to one of the many shipwrecks that litter the coast line. Its a trecherous place for ships but heaven for divers.

6 Mar 2006, 6:34AM

Low tide at sun set on the beach at Puerto Madryn

3 Mar 2006, 10:17PM

Swimming through pea soup in the hull of the Foias wreck, Puerto Madryn.

7 Mar 2006, 3:15AM

Puerto Madryn beach front